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000175 High-Impact Cover Letters000

about those features most important to the buying decision. The result is
“no sale!”
The successful sales representative, by contrast, first determines what prod-
uct attributes are most important to the buyer’s purchasing decision. By focusing
the sales presentation on these motivating factors, the representative substan-
tially increases probability of a sale.


A good technique to use when preparing to write an advertising response cover
letter is the Ben Franklin Balance Sheet. This approach is used to qualify the buyer
(the employer) and to force yourself to focus only on those candidate qualifica-
tions that are important to the employer’s hiring decision.
To use this approach, draw a line down the center of a blank piece of paper.
Label the left column “Employer’s Requirements.” Title the right column “My
Now, carefully review the employment advertisement line by line, and list
each of the employer’s specific requirements on the left side of your balance
sheet. Prioritize these key requirements on the basis of the emphasis the em-
ployer appears to place on each in the ad. Key terms such as “must have,” “pre-
fer,” “hig

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