Developing writting skills 1 part 4

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Lesson 4

Section 1. Spelling: Silent Consonants

A. 1. The consonant b is silent (a) in –bt (before t): debt, doubt,
subtle; (b) in –mb (after m): limb, lamb, climb, dumb, crumb, thumb,
tomb, comb.
N o t e: However, b is always pronounced in its medial position in
such words as timber, number, amber, etc.
2. The consonant c is silent (a) in (-)sc(-) before e, i, y,
initially: scene, scientist, scissors, scythe; medially: descend,
discipline, fascinate; finally: acquiesce, reminisce; (b) in –scl- in a
few words: muscle, corpuscle; (c) before t in a few words and also in
some names of English counties: Connecticut, Gloucester, Leicester;
(d) in acqu- (from Lat. prefix ad- + qu-): acquaint, acquire, acquit;
(e) in exce-, exci- (from Lat. prefix ex- + qu-): excellent, except,
excite; (f) in four loans from Russian: czar, czarevna, czarina,
3. The letter-combination ch is silent in a few words: yacht,
4. The letter g is silent (a) initially in gn-: gnat, gnaw, gnash,
gnarl, gnome; (b) finally in –gm,- ign: paradigm, sovereign, resign,
feign, design; (c) medially in the words: champagne, signor(a),
chignon, cognac.
N o t e: However, in some derivatives g is always audible in its
medial position: malignant, resignation, signal, etc.

Exercise 1. Insert the appropriate word with silent b, c or g from the above

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